Bangladesh joins UN Alliance for Poverty Eradication

Bangladesh has joined a new ‘UN Alliance for Poverty Eradication’ created by President of General Assembly Tijjani Mohammad Bande.

A considerable number of countries joined the Alliance at the launching along with Bangladesh in New York, the foreign ministry said.

The alliance is aimed at supporting actions “geared towards poverty eradication and implementation of the SDGs.” “Countries would have to collaborate strongly for a sustainable recovery from the COVID 19 pandemic that would complement their efforts to eradicate poverty, by ensuring food security and strengthening public health systems”, said the Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN Ambassador Rabab Fatima at the virtual launching of the Alliance.

She highlighted Bangladesh’s ‘people-centric’ and ‘inclusive’ poverty eradication policies that contributed to its significant reduction of poverty.

She mentioned of the government’s several initiatives including investment in building resilience against climate vulnerabilities, use of ICT, and the promotion of mobile and remote banking and agro-marketing that helped millions of people to come out of poverty.

However, Ambassador Fatima expressed her apprehension that the impact of the pandemic, particularly the disruption in global supply chain and low remittances might slow down the country’s remarkable poverty alleviation efforts.

Mentioning that poverty eradication would remain central to its post COVID recovery plans, the PR alluded to the extensive stimulus packages of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the extended social safety net programmes aiming at supporting its marginalised people and the economy particularly the hardest hit industries and agriculture sectors.

She also reflected that the private sector should play a complementing role in the economic recovery from the pandemic.