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Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation’s 40th anniversary today

Published : 28 Nov 2020 08:24 PM

Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation is going to celebrate four decades in drama today, Sunday. Undoubtedly, the trend of art and culture that has gained the momentum after the great liberation war is group theatre. In order to spread that practice on a large scale across the country, a common industrial land was needed for the development of the industry.

The Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation was established 40 years ago with the intention of uniting the country's leading playwrights. That organization has tied the pluralistic path of theatre in the same thread. The organization is also working towards that goal.

It is the commitment of the Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation to celebrate its 40th anniversary that it will play a stronger role in the multidimensional creation and paradise of theatre and stage artists. The 40th anniversary celebrations will begin today, Sunday, at 4.30 pm in front of the National Theatre. With the lighting of lamps, deep homage and respect will be paid to the late playwrights.

The 40th anniversary celebrations have been arranged in the auditorium through various arrangements including drama lessons, drama songs, dance and music performances, awarding of honours and expressing the feelings of the guests. Chattogram and Barishal divisions have organized 40th anniversary celebrations locally on the same day.