Bangladesh finds 790 virus cases a day

The government on Wednesday confirmed 790 fresh cases of coronavirus and three more deaths overnight.
Some 84 patients were released from hospital during the last 24 hours till 8am of Wednesday, according to the daily bulletin.
With that, the number of total cases rose to 11,719 with 186 deaths and 1,487 recoveries, Additional Director General for Health Prof Dr Nasima Sultana said.

Wednesday’s detection was only four cases more than the Tuesday’s figure of 786 new patients which was the single-day highest so far.

But the case detection rate in percentage of the samples tested was higher on Tuesday.
It was 13.76 percent on Tuesday as 786 cases were detected by testing 5,711 samples.

The rate was 12.66 percent on Wednesday as 790 cases were found by testing 6,241 samples.
The additional director general, however, asked all to be aware of the disease as every day the number of patients was rising. The government has extended the general holidays till May 16.

Giving details of the deceased, she said, of the three, two were in their 60s and one in his 40s and two are in Dhaka and one is outside the capital city.

Bangladesh first confirmed the coronavirus cases on March 8 and the first death on March 18.
Dhaka and Narayanganj were the two hotspots of the virus spread. Most of the patients are taking treatment from home.
As of Wednesday, 100 people died in Dhaka city and 40 in Narayanganj district among the total 184 deaths.

Over 40 percent of the total deaths were among the patients aged above 60 years while nearly 30 percent was between 51 years and 60 years. The disease also killed people below 10 years.

The government is currently testing samples in 33 RT-PCR labs across Bangladesh.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the virus pandemic on March 11.