Bangladesh, a partner of developed countries

Respectful position among world community

We feel proud when developed countries shower us with unblemished praises in recognition of our long struggle for rising to their level. It feels good when we see that they take note and give us the right directions to take the country further up the road to progress. Bangladesh is now a trusted partner of many developed countries of the world and many more are searching for avenues to join us with great offers.   

This position of Bangladesh among the world community has been rightly perceived by the government and it has been reflected in the words of Planning Minister MA Mannan who recently said that the major international donor agencies like the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank now consider Bangladesh as an example of growth due to its massive socio-economic progress over the last 10 years.

The decision of the government to invest more in the development sector has been highly praised by the partners and international banks. As a result, it is widely believed by the economists, that the allocation gap between the development and non-development sectors has decreased over the last 10 years and it would further reduce in the coming years.

What is encouraging to note is the fact that though previously the country had to depend a lot on foreign aid, especially immediately after our independence, but now that dependence is almost gone. Today the government borrows cautiously from the lenders and it does not exceed 2 percent of the GDP. At this rate the country will reach the developed state target within the given period.  

Through hard work and determination of the pro-Bangladeshi politicians, government officials, media, businessmen, diplomats, teachers and common people of the country we have this far in our journey. What we need now is more unity and concerted efforts to build on the achievements. With the disappearance of the anti-liberation forces from the scene we believe we shall be able to attain all the goals of SDG and beyond.