Army issues warning against illegal ‘Army Housing Society’

Bangladesh Army on Saturday issued a warning against a housing company using its name. In a press statement the armed forces said that the Army authority’s attention has been drawn to an advertisement titled ‘Flat Sale at Army Society’ at Moushair, Chalabon, Shahkabir Majar Road and Dakkhinkhan areas in the capital’s Uttara, published in several newspapers.

The press note further reads, “The said area named ‘Army Society’ is not recognised as a residential area of the Army or Defence forces.” “Moreover, the name of the aforementioned organisation is not listed in any government document (Register of Joint Stock Company and Firms)”, it said. According to the press release, “The area became familiar to local people as ‘Army Tek’ as it was being used for various trainings of the Army for long. A group of people on their own initiative formed a samity under the name ‘Army Society House and Nurse Welfare Association’ some 20 to 25 years ago. After that the area became known as ‘Army Society’.” “

“At present, more than 150 houses/plots are there in the area. Different real estate companies are building some multi-storey buildings there at present,” the statement reads, “it has been learnt that prices of land/flats there are higher than those in the adjacent areas.” The Army press note stated that it is not logical to use name of Army and name an area as ‘Army Society’ after buying some land on some individuals’ own initiative. The group of people has also tarnished image and reputation of the Army in the public domain by selling land/flats in the area at higher prices using the name of Army. Such unholy efforts must be stopped immediately, the press not concluded.