Bangladesh Army sets examples of humanity

Army Chief General Aziz Ahmed’s role lauded

After the deployment of Army to tackle the ongoing deadly coronavirus, members of Bangladesh Army have set various extra ordinary examples of humanitarian assistances to the distressed people of the country.

Bangladesh Army members are the front line fighters in the fight against Covid-19. They have been providing several assistances to the mass people and working to increase awareness among people under the direction of Army Chief General Aziz Ahmed.

People from different walks including civil society and mass people have been appreciating Army Chief General Aziz Ahmed for successfully commanding his force in the battle against Covid-19.

Members of Bangladesh Army were seen working in different ways to keep their beloved countrymen safe. They also created a huge awareness among people to stop the spread of coronavirus. They also urged people to stay at home and maintain social distancing. Members of Bangladesh Army distributed huge relief goods among the poor and helpless people across the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The virus has already been spread widely. More than four hundred people have died so far in the country due to Covid-19.
Army gives message to people with flower

On the last week of March, members of the 10th Division of Bangladesh Army set an extra-ordinary example with an exceptional approach to convince the mass people. Lt Col Rumman Mahmud of 63 East Bengal Regiment under the 10th Division of Bangladesh Army informed Bangladesh Post that they worked to create mass awareness against coronavirus at Teknaf Sadar Upazila and Marine Drive areas by giving flowers to people along with the message that they should stay indoors during this critical time.

Army providing food reliefs
As part of providing humanitarian assistances among the distressed people, members of Bangladesh Army have been providing food reliefs across the country for months.

Army are giving priority to those distressed people who hardly got any relief foods.
Army sharing their rations

According to the officials working on the ground, as domestic migrant workers have mostly no permanent address, they are not listed with local bodies to help them get aid in these days of crisis.

An army officer deployed in one of the 64 Bangladeshi districts echoed the official and said,” The hardship of these migrant workers is unbearable and we are sending food to them as much as possible.”

“We are sharing our stock of food ration and extending them any help we can offer,” he said.
The troops have been permitted to share their stock of ration among many people across the country.
The army personnel have gone door-to-door in some places to provide food, mainly rice, flour and lentils and other daily essentials.
Helping civil administration

Bangladesh Army personnel are giving all out supports to the civil administration in their efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.
They are joining several operations in association with the local Upazila Nirbahi Officers to ensure the physical distance. They are conducting operations in markets in district level so that both the shop owners and shoppers follow health rules properly.

At the same time, 531 patrol teams comprising 1,026 vehicles of the Bangladesh Army, have been deployed to deal with coronavirus in 62 districts with the help of the civil administration.
These patrol teams are ready to provide necessary assistance to civil administration.

Working with police
Bangladesh Army personnel are working with Bangladesh Police during this national disaster. Setting up cheek posts on the high ways, they are providing assistances to the police to strictly control vehicle movement.
Army set up disinfection tunnels

Bangladesh Army personnel have installed large numbers of disinfection tunnels across the country to prevent coronavirus.
Ordinary people, including small cars, can enter the towns through the tunnel and get out of the towns. Local people expressed their satisfaction and said these contributions of Bangladesh Army will play an effective role in preventing the corona virus across the country.
Army introduced one minute bazaar, one taka bazaar , Sampriti Bazzar, Sena Bazzar

Bangladesh Army personnel launched one minute bazaar, one taka bazaar , Sampriti Bazzar and Sena Bazzar in different districts to distribute free vegetables and other daily necessities among poor families.

Army personnel are distributing free vegetables and other daily necessities among poor families and jobless people who lost their jobs due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Besides, Bangladesh Army also aim to help marginal farmers as they bought vegetables directly from the farmers and distributed those as relief among the poor people.

Enlisted poor families are collecting vegetables and daily necessary products from the market completely free of cost. This facility was also provided by the Bangladesh Army.

Army hosts Sampriti Iftar
Bangladesh Army are organizing ‘Sampriti Iftar’ at different areas to distribute Iftar items among local helpless, poor and low-income families.

Army members are inviting poor and helpless people to provide them Iftar. It shows the teachings of Ramadan sympathy.
At the same time, they are trying to make people aware of hygiene and maintain social distancing in the current situation.
Army stands by cyclone Amphan-affected people

The Army have undertaken the responsibility of overall relief, rescue and medical assistance in the aftermath of super cyclone Amphan which lashed the coastal districts on Wednesday evening with strong wind and heavy rains.

Under the direction of Army Chief General Aziz Ahmed, the Army have already taken preparations for post-cyclone rescue, relief operations and medical services. They are currently working with the civil administration to determine the extent of damage in the cyclone-hit areas.

In the meantime, the army is ready to deploy 146 disaster management teams in a shorter while.
Seventy-six medical teams of the army are ready to provide necessary medical assistance in the disaster affected areas. Around 12,500 packets of relief items have been prepared under the Army's own management as food aid for the cyclone-hit areas. Besides, 16 water purification plants and 14 water browsers are ready to supply pure water, the ISPR said.

The army has set up water purification plants in Satkhira, Patuakhali and Khulna to ensure safe drinking water for the people affected by the cyclone. The Ministry of Water Resources has sought help from the Army to speed up the construction of damaged dams in the coastal districts. The Army Engineering Corps has started preparations to participate in the construction work of the dams.

Talking to the Bangladesh Post on May 22, Lt Col Abdullah Ibn Zaid, Director of Inter Service Public Relation (ISPR) said, “ Bangladesh Army is currently conducting 8 to 9 quarantine and isolation centers including 3 in the capital Dhaka. If necessary, we shall conduct more quarantine centers and isolation centers in future.”

Besides, army from their own resources are distributing food reliefs to the distressed people. In some cases , we are providing these relief items door to door, he added.

He said, “ Through our different types of markets (bazaars) including One Taka Bazaar, One Minute Bazaar, Sena Bazaar and Sampriti Bazaar, we are providing humanitarian assistances.”

Responding to a question, he said , “ Through these different types of bazaars, we are helping in two ways—first we are keeping rural economy dynamic by buying items from local farmers, instead of collecting from middlemen. Secondly, we are giving these items to local poor people. Thus, we are helping rural economy active.”

He said, “Bangladesh Army is also conducting medical campaign so that people with Covid-19 symptoms can access medical treatments.”
Major General (rtd) Abdur Rashid, former senior military officer said, “ Bangladesh Army are doing very excellent tasks in combating the Covid-19.”

Since the Covid-19 may not permanently go out from the world, our lifestyle must be changed. We must live with it by following health rules. The present activities of army will significantly motivate and inspire people to follow these health rules, he further said.

More than 7,000 troops were deployed across the country just days before general holiday was declared from March 26. Their primary task is to halt the spread of Covid-19 by keeping people at home and maintaining “social distance.”
The task is tough but will be continued as long as the government wants, army officers and news reports said.