Andrew Kishore laid to eternal rest

The Playback Samrat Andrew Kishore has been laid to eternal rest. He was buried next to his mother’s grave at the local Christian cemetery in Rajshahi at 11:30 am on Wednesday.

Fazle Hossain Badsha, MP of Rajshahi 2 constituency, members and teachers of various music establishments of Rajshahi came to bid farewell to this beloved artiste.

Music composer Ethun Babu, General Secretary of Film Artists Association Zayed Khan and others went from Dhaka to bid their last farewell to Andrew Kishore.

The maharaja of songs has left for the land of no return on July 6 leaving everyone crying for. Andrew Kishore was buried 9 days after his death because his son and daughter were in Australia.

Andrew Kishore was taken to the local church in Rajshahi at 9 am on Wednesday to complete his funeral rites. He was kept in the church from 9 am to 10 am. 

Then the priest prayed for the singer along with the family member of the Playback Samrat.

At the end of the prayer, his body was placed in front of the church for everyone to pay homage. Everyone there was soaking wet with tears shed for his departure. 

After the prayers were over, the body of Andrew Kishore was brought to the Christian cemetery near the Collectorate ground in Rajshahi. Andrew Kishore, the Playback Samrat of this country, went to eternal sleep next to his parents’ grave.