Anchal isn’t resuming shooting now

Actress Anchal made her film debut in 2011 with Bailey Road. Another film of her titled ‘BHul’ was released that year. However, she came to the discussion through Bappi Chowdhury’s film ‘Jotil Prem’. 

Her performance in the film caught the eye of the audience. She then acted in several more films. Meanwhile, the heroine is staying at home in this time of the corona situation and not going out without much need.

Many have already started shooting recently. However, the heroine does not want to return to shooting yet.

She said, “The Corona situation is not very good. I want the situation to improve very soon. I was shooting some movies. But I don’t know if they will start now. 

Some new job requests are also coming. But I said let the situation be a little more normal. Especially the situation in Dhaka is very bad. I will return to work if the situation improves.”

How is time at home now? Anchal replied, “I have been at home for about four months. If I find it boring, I watch TV and watch movies. I also do odd jobs. I talk to my friends on the phone. 

We have suffered a lot in the last few months. Many have lost loved ones. Many have suffered emotional and financial losses. Many have tried again at the risk of their own lives to save the lives of others. But I am praying that the situation will end very soon.”

Meanwhile, the heroine is quite vocal on Facebook. She is regularly sharing her work information with fans through Facebook. Recently, her official Facebook page has been verified by the Facebook authorities. 

Excited about the subject, Achol said, “In a short time, the audience has taken me very close and given me love. This time I got recognition from Facebook. To be honest, I’m glad I did. And I am grateful to my fans and well-wishers.”