Amar Foods, Esho Shobai provides EID essential groceries to teachers

More than 230 teacher's family received Eid gift packages from a joint initiative of the organisations 'Amar Foods' & 'Esho Shobai'. 

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 left schools/offices closed, resulting many people without pay. From people who lived from hand to mouth to middle class - small job holders faced serious financial problem, so the organisation 'Amar Foods & Esho Shobai' set its target to provide EID essential groceries to them 

Till now, jointly they have supported almost 3000+ people from the starting days of the Corona crisis. 

An official from Amar Foods explained the reason behind this plan. Usually, teachers are one of the most respected professionals in our society. They can’t ask for help for the hesitation; thus they suffer in silent in crisis moment, as their only source of income is dependent on monthly salary. 

In the ongoing crisis, most of the teachers of private schools are not getting the salary or bonus. The whole initiative was designed and executed keeping that in mind and it ensured in such way that teachers could get the gift on the Eid day after opening their house doors.  

Also, Esho Shobai not only supported almost twenty thousand people in need of food, but also they've taken initiative to support frontline warriors in healthcare by donating safety equipments to them in 14 districts. 

Esho Shobai plans to expand their network during this Covid-19 pandemic, moreover cyclone Amphan made poor people's lives vulnerable in coastal areas. They've urged people to come forward and support their initiative.