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PM on ongoing anti-corruption drive

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reaffirmed that there is no scope of recurrence of 1/11-like incident in Bangladesh as her government is taking uncompromising actions against corruption. “We’re taking measurers in advance so that no 1/11-like incident can happen again in the country. I can tell you there’s no need of any 1/11-like situation. I’ll take actions if any unfair incidents happen, no matter who commits that, even if that person belongs to my own party. The purge must begin from own house,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina categorically said there would be no ‘1/11-like’ episode in Bangladesh again and said she would do everything whatever was needed. She said some people are used to showing off their wealth that comes suddenly. “We need to give a blow to this section of society.” Hasina said she got involved in politics for the wellbeing of people and had come to power after being elected with the votes of people, and she always thought about their wellbeing. She said they would have to be careful so that there was no immorality in her party or society due to its prolonged stay in power. “I’ve to tackle that as well. That’s why I’ve instructed such drive against corruption.”

The prime minister said that a section of people might be unhappy because of the ongoing drive but she said it mattered little to her. “I’ve no affection for them as I want each and every person of the country to stay happy and live a better life.” She went on to say, “It cannot be allowed that a few people will pollute the society taking political advantage. This is not acceptable to me. So, I’m taking actions.”

The prime minister was surprised when she learnt about secrete import of casino and gambling materials saying, “It was quite unbelievable that some gambling and casino materials can be imported under cover of sports item.” Earlier, she said that the government had conducted a drive against extremists to check any possible anarchic situation in the country and it achieved a success in that drive. “Drive against drugs is still going on; we’re almost successful in that. Now we’ve started drive against corruption.”

Hasina said her government had been working tirelessly for the economic development of the country and it was formulating projects for rapid development and allotting funds for that. “I want every penny of that fund to be used properly and every project be finished smoothly. If there’s any irregularity, the development of the country will be hampered.”

The prime minister also said that she had extended a letter to United States President Trump during the luncheon hosted by the UN secretary general. Asked about the content of the letter, Hasina said the government was trying to bring back the killers of Father of the Nation who have been living in the USA. “Basically, I’ve given him the letter to inform him about the matter.”

The Prime Minister said she also told him about the issue during the luncheon. Hasina said the USA was always very much vocal about human rights. “Then how the killers of the father of the nation, women and children could stay in this country’?” She said one of the killers is staying in Canada, too. “The killers of Bangabandhu are staying in different parts of the world. We’re requesting all to send them back to Bangladesh. These killers are not good for those countries, too.” Hasina said if those countries send the killers of Bangabandhu back to Bangladesh it will be possible to implement the court verdict.