Alauddin Ali on life support as he is Critical

Alauddin Ali, a well-known lyricist and composer of the country, has been suffering from various diseases for a long time. His treatment was going on at home for several months. He has been kept on life support at the hospital due to sudden deterioration in his physical condition.

Shawkat Ali Rana, son of Alauddin Ali, said that he was admitted to the hospital at 5:45 am on Saturday (August 8).

He said, “My father's body got very bad in the morning. Then I took him to Ayesha Memorial Hospital in Mohakhali. Doctors have advised him to take life support as he has severe breathing problems. I am asking for blessings from everyone for my father. I also request everyone not to spread any rumors.”

Meanwhile, the managing director of Mohakhali Ayesha Memorial Hospital Ashish Kumar Chakraborty said, “Alauddin Ali’s wife called us early in the night and told us that his condition was very bad. 

That's when we sent an ambulance to bring him to the hospital. At this time, the doctor on duty saw his breathing problem and advised him to be kept on life support. Honestly, his physical condition is not good. Blood pressure, heart rate is abnormal. A part of the lung is completely pneumonic. The next 24 hours are crucial for him.”

Alauddin Ali has been suffering from various diseases for a long time. When he was taken to Bangkok on July 3, 2015, tests revealed that he had a tumor in his lung. He was then undergoing treatment for cancer along with other physical problems. Earlier, he was admitted to Ayesha Memorial Hospital in Mohakhali on several occasions.