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AL halts Muktijoddha Projonmo League prog

Goes tough on name-only organisations

Published : 18 Sep 2021 10:27 PM | Updated : 19 Sep 2021 12:32 AM

Ruling Awami League (AL) has already started taking actions against fake organisations, which are carrying out activities using the name of Awami League, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family, for their various illicit acts like extortion and abuse of power.

As part of the move, Awami League general secretary on Saturday stopped a programme organized by Bangladesh Awami Muktijoddha Projonmo League in front of Awami League’s central office at Bangabandhu Avenue.

Besides, the general secretary of the ruling party also directed all the leaders and activists of the party and its other associate bodies to refrain from taking part in any programme of such fake organisations.

According to witnesses, an organisation named Bangladesh Awami Muktijoddha Projonmo League was taking preparations for observing its founding anniversary at Bangabandhu Avenue at the capital Saturday morning. The organisation also installed a stage displaying various banners and posters.

But, on information of the programme of Bangladesh Awami Muktijoddha Projonmo League, Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader ordered for stopping the programme immediately.

As per his directives, the organizers were forced to stop their programme and remove their stage and other arrangements from the spot.

Terming such organisation as the ‘shop of extortion’, Obaidul Quader said, “Awami League does not recognize such type of organisation. They are involved with extortion and other illicit acts.”

He said, none of the leaders of the Awami League and its other organisation should take part in any programme of this type of organisation.

“We have no objection about the ‘Muktijoddha Projonmo’ (generation of freedom fighters), but when they tag the Awami League and get involved with extortion, corruption and other illicit act, then it appears as a matter of concern for Awami League.”

Biplab Barua, Office Secretary of Awami League central committee, said, an organisation named Bangladesh Awami Muktijoddha Projonmo League had organized a programme in front of the party office without permission of Awami League and police administration.

He said, the image of Awami League is being tarnished due to various activities of such type of organisation.

According to sources, there are over 300 fake organisations, which are carrying out activities using the name of Awami League, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family, at home and abroad.

Not only that there are at least seven organisations with the same name like Bangladesh Awami Muktijoddha Projonmo League.

Like these organisations, all other fake organisations have mushroomed during the recent past.

Party sources said, ruling Awami League is now facing an embarrassing situation as around 300 fake organisations centring the party have mushroomed across the country in the last few years.

According to sources, all those fake organisations have been formed by some intruders, opportunists, cheats and frauds by misusing the Awami League, its different associate bodies, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, her mother Bangamata Fazilatunnesa and other members of their family.

Besides, some of the leaders and activists of the Awami League and different of its associate bodies are also involved with this fake organisations and opportunist groups. They are sheltering those cheats, frauds and intruders for their own interests, the sources said.

In this circumstance, the ruling party has decided to go for a crackdown against those fake organisations as well as those who are involved with these illicit acts. 

The Awami League has already suspended businesswoman Helena Jahangir from the Awami League’s Sub-committee on Women’s Affairs for her involvement with an unauthorised organisation that claimed to have been seeking an official affiliation with the ruling party.

According to sources, around 300 such fake organisations have been mushroomed across the country and even abroad. Jananetri Sheikh Hasina Kendriya League, Jananetri Sheikh Hasina Kendriya Parishad, Awami Prochar League, Awami Somobai League, Awami Trinamool League, Awami Chhinnamul Hawkers League, Awami Motor Chalak League, Awami Tarun League, Awami Rickshaw Malik-Shramik Oikya League, Awami Jubo Hawkers League, Awami Muktijoddha Prajanma League, Awami Pangu Muktijoddha League, Awami Paribahan Sramik League, Awami Nouka Shramik League, Awami Khudra Matsyajibi League, Awami Jubo Sanskritic Jote, Bangabandhur Adarsha O Chetona Gobeshona Parishad,  Bangabandhu Soinik League, Bangabandhur Soinik League, Bangabandhu Academy, Bangabandhu Nagorik Sanghati Parishad, Bangabandhu Foundation, Bangabandhu Lekhok League, Bangabandhu Lekhok Parishad, Bangabandhu Prajanmo League, Bangabandhu Jubo Parishad, Bangabandhu Chhatra Parishad, Bangabandhu Smriti Sangrakkhan Parishad, Bangabandhu Bastuhara League, Bangabandhu Awami Hawkers Federation, Bangabandhur Chintadhara Bastobayan Parishad, Bangabandhu Diploma Prokoushali Parishad, Bangabandhu Gram Dakter Parishad, Bangabandhu Nagorik Sanghati Parishad, Bangabandhu Lekhok League, Bangabandhu Gobeshona Parishad, Bangabandhu Adarsha Parishad, Amra Mujib Sena, Amra Mujib Hobo, Chetonai Mujib, Muktijoddha Tarun League, Noukar Somorthok Goshti, Deshiyo Chikitsok League, Chhinnamul Matsyajibi League, Khudra Babsayee League, Noukar Natun Prajanmo, Digital Chhatra League, Digital Awami Prajanmo League, Digital Awami Olama League, Bangladesh Awami Porjoton League, Thikana Bangladesh, Janatar Protyasha, Russel Memorial Academy, Jananetri Parishad, Deshratna Parishad, Bangamata Parishad, Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Parishad, Amra Noukar Projonmo, Awami Shishu-Jubok Sangskritik Jot, Trinomul League, Ekushe August Ghatok Nirmul Committee, Awami Prochar League, Sajeeb Wazed Joy League, Bangladesh Tothya-Projukti League, Awami Shishu League, Awami Trinamul League, Awami Tarun Projonmo League, Awami Chakrijibi League and Bangladesh Janaseba League are among those fake organisations.

Meanwhile, Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader, also the Minister for Road, Transport and Bridges, on Sunday said that there is no scope for any unauthorised organisation of being affiliated with Awami League without any approval.

He made the statement while speaking to reporters at a briefing held at his government residence. 

Obaidul Quader mentioned that when a party is in power, various types of people, including opportunists, frauds and touts always try to take advantages.

“But, as a responsible party and the leaders of the party, we must have to be careful about it so that vested quarters could not misuse of power”, he said.

He also vowed of taking proper punitive measures against those who are involved.