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AI engineer revolutionises wastewater treatment in Bangladesh

Published : 30 Sep 2023 10:08 PM

In a groundbreaking achievement, Fahim Shahriar Sakib, a chemical engineer from Bangladesh, has unveiled "WWTP Engineer," an Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation poised to revolutionize the wastewater treatment industry in the country.

WWTP Engineer, now available on Telegram under the username @wwtpengineer_bot, is the first AI Engineer for the wastewater treatment industry in Bangladesh. It possesses remarkable capabilities that emulate the expertise and problem-solving skills of a human engineer.

WWTP Engineer can quickly and accurately detect problems within treatment systems, from equipment malfunctions to process inefficiencies. It then conducts in-depth root cause analyses to determine why an issue has occurred, providing valuable insights into process optimization. Finally, it offers efficient, tailored solutions, empowering engineers, operators, consultants, and students to make informed decisions swiftly.

Sakib's dedication to creating WWTP Engineer reflects a commitment to addressing challenges in wastewater treatment, particularly in developing countries. By streamlining problem-solving and decision-making processes, this innovation promises to save precious time and resources in the industry. What makes WWTP Engineer truly remarkable is its ability to democratize knowledge and expertise. Engineers, operators, consultants, and students in Bangladesh can now access a virtual assistant capable of assisting them in real-time.

This advancement holds the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency of wastewater treatment operations throughout the nation.

Sakib's journey in developing WWTP Engineer spans two years of rigorous data collection and integration. The result is an AI solution that has the potential to elevate the standards of wastewater treatment in Bangladesh and serve as a model for other countries facing similar challenges. This momentous achievement underscores the power of AI and human ingenuity to address complex societal and environmental issues.

It is a testament to the dedication of individuals, who are committed to driving positive change through innovation.

For further information and to experience the capabilities of WWTP Engineer, please visit ( or search for "@wwtpengineer_bot" on the Telegram app.