Actor Babor loses left leg

Popular villain of Dhallywood, Babor is seriously ill. The lower part of his left leg beneath the knee had to be amputated at Comfort Hospital of Green Road in the capital. He has been suffering due to illness for a long time.

Actor's wife Latifa Babor said that he was suffering from various diseases including diabetes. Earlier, he was admitted to the hospital several times. On April 30, he was admitted to the Comfort Hospital due to illness. At the doctor's suggestion, three fingers of his left foot were cut off. After treatment, he went home. Then again he was brought back to the hospital on Sunday. Doctors kept him under observation. Then they decided that he had to go through operation again. At 9pm, teh doctrs cut the lower part of the left foot. 

She has also sought the help of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Actor Babor got into cinema through acting in the film 'Banglar Mukh' through the direction of Amjad Hossain. He also acted as a villain in the film ‘Rangbaj’ produced by prominent actor Raz Razzak and directed by Jahirul Haque. He has played roles in more than three hundred films. He also produced and directed a number of films like ‘Dayaban’, ‘Dagi’, ‘Dadabhai’ and others.