ActionAid recognises women leaders over climate crisis mitigation

ActionAid Bangladesh recognised two women leaders with awards for their extraordinary contribution in addressing climate crisis.The award winners, Lake Begum andJannatulMouwa were given BDT 25 thousand each. The award has been announced at the closing ceremony of the virtual event “Gobeshona Global Conference” Sunday.

While announcing the name of the winners, ActionAid Bangladesh Country Director Farah Kabir said, “Since 1983, ActionAid Bangladesh is working in diverse range of development aspects as poverty, agriculture, environment, climate change and climate justice. ActionAid facilitating women and young people led solutions to environment and climate crisis that are practical and scalable.”

“We are working from grassroots to global level. some of our recent initiatives are- women led agroecology schools, seedbanks, divisional hubs on climate change and resilience”, Farah Kabir Added. 

Farah Kabir urged to invest further in women leadership to address reliance to climate change and disasters. She also stressed on bringing women’s voices, especially young women’s voices at policy level for gender responsive policy formulation, financing and implementation in all aspect of policies in all levels.   

Between the two awardee of this events, Lake Begum has been practicing climate resilient agriculture for over a decade. She inspired many women farmers to understand the agroecology approach and scale up. Another awardee JannatulMouwa,has set an example of “Courage of Conviction” by challenging the social norms in leading a group of young women to engage in social transformation. women from the area. 

The seven-day long annual Gobeshona Global Conference came to an end today (Sunday), hosted by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) virtually.The aim of the Gobeshona Global conference isto stimulate actions amongst the participants, inspire people to start their own initiativesthrough research or practiceand encourage collaborations.