Action will be taken against polluters to protect environment: Shahab

Published : 01 Feb 2023 08:51 PM | Updated : 01 Feb 2023 08:51 PM

In the special campaign announced by the government to prevent air pollution, mobile courts were conducted in 5 places in and around the capital Dhaka on Wednesday.  A total of 26 vehicles have been fined 85 thousand taka and 10 institutions have been fined 3 lakh 60 thousand taka for environmental pollution in this campaign.

 As a part of anti-pollution campaign and environment conservation activities, monitoring and enforcement wing of Directorate of Environment, Dhaka Metropolitan Office, Dhaka District Office, Gazipur District Office and District Administration Dhaka have operated Mobile courts in Dhaka expressway and bypass areas,  Savar, Manikmia Avenue, Khilkhet, Aftabnagar.

Shahab Uddin, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, visited the operations conducted in Manik Mia Avenue, Khilkhet and Aftabnagar.  Ministry's Deputy Minister Habibun Nahar, Secretary Dr Farhina Ahmed and Director General of Department of Environment Dr Abdul Hamid along with senior officials of the Ministry and Directorate were present on the occasion.

 In response to the questions of the present journalists, the Environment Minister said that the government will do whatever is necessary to control air pollution.  Every effort will be made to ensure that the people can live in a healthy environment.  He said the government is giving importance to public awareness.  At the same time, the government will continue to take strict legal action against air polluters.

 Deputy Environment Minister Habibun Nahar said that air pollution will be under control if everyone in the society fulfills their respective responsibilities consciously.  Everyone should be careful not to pollute the environment.  It is difficult for the government alone to control pollution.

The secretary of the ministry said that all the DCs have been asked to take action against the air polluters.  A special meeting has been convened on February 2 under the chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary so that all the concerned ministries fulfill their respective responsibilities properly.  In that meeting, initiatives will be taken to take decisions and implement the related ministries to control air pollution.

As part of this campaign, 02 contractors who are building the Dhaka Bypass Expressway and BRT highway have been fined a total of Tk 1 lakh.  A total fine of 11 thousand taka was levied from 4 vehicles for noise pollution due to non-standard horn of vehicles in Savar area and a total fine of 10 thousand taka from 4 vehicles for air pollution due to black smoke of vehicles on Wednesday.

 A total fine of 35 thousand rupees was levied from 7 vehicles due to noise pollution by non-standard horn of vehicles in Khilkhet area and a total penalty of 10 thousand rupees was collected from 2 companies due to air pollution by keeping construction materials open.  

A total of Tk 2 lakh 50 thousand fine was levied from 7 companies due to air pollution by leaving the construction materials open in the mobile court in Aftabnagar area.  A total fine of Tk 29 thousand was levied on 11 vehicles for air pollution caused by vehicle black smoke at the Mobile Court in Manikmia Avenue area.