ACC boss issues last warning to its officials

Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Iqbal Mahmood on Tuesday warned the officials of ACC saying that punitive action will be ensured for corrupt individuals. He came up with this warning at an emergency meeting held at headquarters in the city. All ACC high officials attended the meeting.
“If the ACC officials are involved in any acts of moral turpitude, tough action will be taken against them,” he warned, adding all officials of ACC are now under close surveillance.

“Using modern technologies our administration is monitoring all activities of ACC officials across the country round the clock. None will be spared if anybody is found involved in immoral activities,” Iqbal Mahmood said. He said the ACC officials are being cautioned in many ways. “But it is very unfortunate when we see many of us have not changed attitude yet,” he said.

“I’m giving you the last warning. If you do any mistake during discharging your responsibilities, you will not be spared. The commission will never compromise with any dishonesty and irregularities.” He also asked the officials to complete all investigation by July 15. “If you fail to do so you will have to face the music,” he said, adding people have a common and negative idea about ACC officials and employees but now it is time to uphold the truth and ensure transparency in all spheres.

Besides, he also asked the officials not to harass anyone without confirming allegations against them if a case has been filed. “Every investigation must be quality assured and solid so that real criminals get 100% punishment.” The ACC Chairman said every case must be completed within the deadline. “Unfortunately people fail to meet the deadlines sometimes. Every case filed by the anti graft watchdog needs to be brought to trial. If the accused people move freely after a case has been filed by the ACC, then the country would get the wrong message about the organization.”