47 front fighters return to work

They recover from Covid-19

Forty-seven frontline fighters of the Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College and Hospital are back to work after recovering from Covid-19.
Director of the hospital Professor Uttam Kumar Barua welcomed 42 doctors, three nurses and two staff with flower and mask on Saturday.

Uttam Kumar told the media, “We arranged such reception as they contracted the virus at work. And just after recovering, they even stepped in their position, as frontline heroes, on their own.”

“Doctors are being infected with the virus worldwide. So we want to stay mentally ready and take it easy. Also, we want to give a message to the people that Covid-19 is not terrifying if the right health guidelines are followed,” the hospital director said, adding the Covid-19 positive frontline workers, however, confronted risks to their mental health.

“My baby is only ten months old. I was worried about the baby or its mother getting infected by me. So I first thought of saving my child and wife anyway. And I immediately went into isolation and even prepared my food,” Dr Ferdous said while recalling his ordeal.
“It was a great respite for me when the result came negative after a month of fight with Covid-19,” he added.

Another Covid-19 survivor Dr Rumman (not his real name) said, “Everything broke loose after I tested positive.”
“My father is in his eighties. My mother is a cancer patient who also has some other respiratory complications. And I am the only child they have.”

“I was also worried that what if my neighbours get to know about my condition. However, nobody knew that I had the disease. But the toughest part of for me was being confined to a room for 21 days without contacting my parents.”

“When the result came negative for the second time, it was a great relief for me.”
About Covid-19 treatment, Dr Rumman said, “A Covid-19 patient has to boost his immune system. Vitamin A, B, C, D and plenty of water have to be taken. Also, the patient has to drink and inhale warm water.”

“Freehand exercises and namely breathing exercises can also be helpful to grow a good immune system,” he added.
Another Covid-19 survivor Bithi Biswas, a senior staff nurse, said, “Panic gripped me as I tested positive. But through family encouragement, faith, and colleagues' support, I recovered within 20 days.”

She said, “I was not nervous when I walked back into duty. But I'm still worried about my family members getting infected by me.”