36 govt pry schools face student crisis in Khulna

Published : 30 Sep 2023 09:54 PM

36 primary schools in Khulna have initiated collaborative teaching operations in response to a growing student crisis in the region. This approach has been adopted by the Primary Education Department to address the challenge posed by schools with dwindling student enrollments.

A recent visit to Mainapur Government Primary School in Dumuria Upazila, Khulna, revealed that only three students were attending the school. 

Similarly, Shakbaria Government Primary School in Bedkashi Union of Koira Upazila reported a meager student count of 35. These two schools are not alone in facing this predicament, as a total of 46 schools across Khulna district currently have fewer than 50 students each.

Many of these schools were nationalized in 2013, and concerns have arisen over the declining student numbers in these institutions. 

According to information provided by the Khulna District Primary Education Office, Dumuria Upazila has 15 primary schools with less than 50 students, followed by 4 in Koyra Upazila, 3 in Terkhada Upazila, 6 in Paikgaccha Upazila, 7 in Batiaghata Upazila, and 1 in Rupsa Upazila.

Commenting on the dwindling student populations, Md. Moslem Uddin, Deputy Director of the Khulna Divisional Primary Education Direc­torate, acknowledged that there were both social and natural factors contributing to this trend. As a result, several schools have reached a critically low number of students.

In response, education officials have decided to merge classes in schools with fewer students with neighboring schools, with the goal of creating a more engaging learning environment as student numbers increase. 

Moslem Uddin emphasized that these decisions would be made while considering the geographical proximity of schools. A list of schools with fewer than 50 students is being compiled for submission to the ministry, with instructions to implement these measures promptly. 

The move is expected to revitalize these schools and provide students with a more enriching educational experience.