14-point instruction to prevent corrupt practices of police

The Police Headquarters recently issued a 14-point instruction to refrain all police personnel from all sorts of corrupt activities. Sources at the police headquarters said that the instructions have been issued to prevent corrupt practices in the police forces and hence perform duties of police with highest ethics.

The police sources said the instructions have been issued after many police personnel were found to be involved in the casino business and other corruptions like illegal financial transactions and bribery. Assistant Inspector General (AIG-Public Relations Department) Mohammad Sohel Rana confirmed the issuance of the instructions through a letter to all the police units.

The letter mentions, “Activities of some of the police personnel in recent times have featured their moral degradation, which also has tarnished the image of the entire police department and raised questions on its role as well. And that is why these 14-point instructions have been directed to follow for the prevention of the moral degradations of police personnel.”

The 14-point instructions include, measures to be taken to remind the police laws in every month to every policeman, they will have to make aware about the bad effect of moral degradations, they will have to restrain from making any negative comments about the state, government, any forces, department and agencies through any social media and immediate measures will have to be taken against any police personnel who will be found linked to any corrupt practices without delay and higher officials must have to be informed.

The letter also reminds that all police personnel must perform duties wearing a uniform. It warns that punitive measures will be taken against those who misbehave at the workplaces. It also mentions that the all police personnel must obey rules of Criminal Procedure (CrPc) during the arrest of anybody or individual interrogation and suggested checking on arrested persons for crimes so that he or she does not unnecessarily become victim to police harassments.

Besides, the instructions have been issued for the arrangement of regular recreational activities like sports at all the police barracks, police stations and police outposts. According to sources, the anti-casino drives have unearthed involvement of several policemen with such illicit activities, which have raised serious questions on the activities of the law enforcement agencies.

It should be mentioned that as part of the latest move, the police high-ups have transferred at least eight police officials at different police stations in the capital after they were found involved with casino or gambling activities. Besides, the process of taking punitive measures against many other police officials is on, said sources.