1,000-metre nets, boat seize from rivers in Jhalokathi

Jhalokathi Correspondent

Aiming at saving the Mother Hilsha (Ma Ilis) Jhalokathi District Administration has seized 1,000 metres of fishing-nets from various rivers of the district on the first day of starting of the ban on fishing of the Hilsa fish.

According to sources, after midnight of Tuesday, an operation team headed by Zohar Ali, Deputy Commissioner of Jhalokathi, conducted a drive at Sugandha and Bishkhali rivers and seized 1,000 metres of nets for catching of Hilsha fish. It is learnt, by defying ban on catching of Hilsha fish, some fishermen were catching fish on the rivers Sugondha and Bishkhali after midnight of Tuesday. When the prevention team reached Ponabalia area of the river, Bishkhali, some fishermen managed to escape from the spot by leaving their nets in the river.  The team seized the nets and the boat but failed to arrest any fishermen from there. 

Other members of the operation team include: Lutfunnessa Khanam, Assistant Commissioner (Land), Bashir Gazi, NDC, Mahmuda Zahan and Masuma Akhter, Executive Magistrates of Jhalokathi.  The government has imposed a ban on procurement, preservation, transportation, sale and purchase of any Hilsha fish from October-09 to October-30 to save the Mother Hilshas.