Promising actress Pori Moni is going to appear as a crime journalist in web series. At the beginning of this year Pori Moni came in to a lot of discussion with Swapna Jaal where she played the role of shuvra. The movie was directed by Giasuddin Selim.
Well this director-actor duo is pairing up together once again in a new project. But this time they are together for a new web series titled ‘Preeti’. She is playing the role of a investigation journalist.
“Pori Moni will play the lead role in this upcoming crime thriller. Though she played a glamourous role in Swapna Jaal, but I think she can fit in into any character and has the bility to gel up into any role”, Selim said.
Pori Moni seemed very much excited about the web series. She said, “Selim has been a great director. Working with him is really fun”. She is very hopeful about her character and thinks that this will create a fresh image of hers and audience will love it for sure.
‘Preeti’ is being produced by Bioscope Production. The shooting of this crime thriller will start from November 9 in various locations of Dhaka.

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