Importance of cooperation among all the political parties in the context of Bangladesh is now perceived as a demand of time. An enhanced political collaboration is the building block of representative democracy and it is very much necessary for reinforcing political stability in a state. But the political history of Bangladesh shows that since inception the country hardly witnessed any concrete cooperative gesture from the political parties. History tells us that political parties in Bangladesh so far have had maintained a relationship of hatred with each other. But Saturday last was an unprecedented day as Ganobhaban, the official residence of prime minister, saw for the first time that the leader of ruling party host a tea-party for the leaders of all political alliances in Bangladesh. The premier invited 54 political leaders of various alliances and organisations. In the event, the premier called upon all political parties to cooperate with the government for implementing its pledges to countrymen.
It was a pleasant gathering of the veteran politicians and activists who want to work for the development of the country and the reinforcement of its democracy. But it is also saddening to note that some political leaders, including BNP led Oikyafront, did not attend the premier’s tea-party saying that it had no agenda. Yes, the tea-party did not have any agenda other than instilling the need for cooperation among the political parties. But we must say such a tea-party can be a perfect occasion for devising the path on which the country will be moving ahead in the days to come.
Saturday’s tea-party indeed shades some light of optimism towards ensuring good governance in the country. Politicians bear the tremendous responsibilities in meeting the voters’ wishes to improve the standard of living and in this regard the contribution of all the active political parties is very important. Without political cooperation and collaboration, it is not possible to maintain law and order in the country. Therefore, in order to maintain political stability and peace, it is very much necessary for all political parties to work together for the welfare of the people. Sheikh Hasina’s tea-party was a milestone towards not only enhancing cooperation among all the political parties but also developing a friendly party policy which is central to the healthy functioning of a representative democracy.