Staff Correspondent
A number of vested quarters at home and abroad are plotting to push the country towards a chaotic and conflicting situation ahead of the national election.
These groups are becoming active with spreading rumours in a bid to foil the December 30 polls and discourage the voters from participating in it.
“Some individuals and institutions at home and abroad are hatching conspiracies only to foil the national election. In this regard, we are apprehending that these individuals and institutions will spread more rumours,” Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit Chief Monirul Islam said on Saturday.
He expressed concerns and apprehensions while speaking at a roundtable discussion at Segunbagicha in the capital.
Monirul, also additional commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), said that they have already taken various measures to stop such rumours.
“We are also going to take more steps as to how such rumours can be stopped. We also hope that a free, fair and credible national election is going to take place on December 30,” he said.
Monirul Islam said, “Rumours or maligners are a major problem in our country like other countries in the world. This problem can create other serious issues.”
Referring to MR Akhtar Mukul’s ‘Chorompotro Kotha’ in 1971, he said, “Sometimes I have seen that rumours can be used in a positive meaning.”
But there is another type of rumour which is intentionally used to spread fake news, he said.
“We have considered this as challenge. If we take a look at the source of this type of rumour, we will see that it is spread through social media like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Another source is online news portals,” Monirul explained.
Urging mass media, the DMP additional commissioner said, “Any reporter or correspondent should not write anything being driven by emotion. News should have authentic information. If everyone performs their duties with professionalism, no rumours or propaganda will be published in the mainstream media. The information that is being served should be filtered. The police do not even disclose information.”
In the previous time, people faced violence and deadly situations due to rumours spread through social media, he asserted.
“Through investigation, we saw those were promulgated in a systemic way or intentionally. Sayeedi was seen in the moon. They wanted to make the country unstable by spreading such type of rumour,” said Monirul.
He also said there should be a system in media to verify such type of fake news. Editor, Chief News Editor or Chief Reporter should filter all news.
The Chief of Counter Terrorism said, “We all are hopeful about upcoming national election that it will be free, fair and peaceful. For that purpose, election commission is working hard. We will do the work according to the instruction of the Election Commission.”
Monirul said, “We are working to protect the law and order in the country during election.”
“Election officials concerned will not allow anyone to pick photo in the polls center. Because, the Election Commission has specific guidelines about holding the election”, he added.