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Sader Hossein Bolu, Nawabgonj
The construction work of Nawabganj Pagragram, Mashail and Daulatpur regional road slowed down due to the inadequate movement of water in Bhawalia and Daulatpur areas.
In the current season, due to slight rain, mass people are suffering. The pedestrians complained, though the work of the whole road started long ago, 1 km is not completed. As a result, the sufferings of pedestrians have now reached to the extreme level.
The locals stated that this is the only road to Dhaka from Shola, Kailail and Manikal upazila.
As a result, this road is very important for those 4 Union residents. But the construction company’s development work, which started in November with the help of MS. Dolly Construction, could not fix for transportation until now. As a result, farmers and school going boys who used to pass through this road is facing hurdles.
Sholara College student Hasan said, “For several days, roads were dug and blocked with brick which stopped the transportation system for about a month. The pedestrians, including the locals, have to face a lot of misery if the road work is done in this way in the name of development. Not only that, there are occasionally auto rickshaw (CNG) and motorcycle accident which lead physical sufferings of mass people.
Upazila Krishak League President. Zahid Haider Ujjal said, “Due to lack of transportation people are forced to walk. Especially in the morning there is no end to suffering while taking children to school. I do not know how long it will be in this misery.”
Proprietor of Dolly Construction Nasir Uddin’s said, “We are trying to finish the job in time. We are aiming to finish our job in time.”
Nawabganj Upazila (LGED) engineer Anwar Hossain said, “We are constantly supervising the work. There may be a little problem in the initial condition when road development works begin. We hope to solve the problem quickly.”