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Stressing the importance of a stable and peaceful political environment in the country for the continuation of the ongoing development process, people from all strata of society want to see Awami League led Grand Alliance government in power again.
Study by different development organisations in different parts of the country has also given emphasis on the opinions of the people because they want development and assurance of safe work environment.
“We want peace and development and eradication of poverty from the next government,” said Md. Ayub Hossain, general manager at an NGO located at the city’s Moghbazar wireless area.
He fears that change of the government would create multifarious disruptions because in our country there is a tradition of not implementation of development projects taken up by the previous government.
Md Fazlay Rabbi, exam controller of City University told Bangladesh Post that if the government does not continue for a long period of time, the continuity of development will be disrupted.
He also said, “Educated people know which government has done better development for our country. Although the AL has some faults in few sectors, I want the continuity of this government for long-term development.”
Jannatul Ferdous Sathi, a job seeker who recently completed masters from Chittagong University said, “Every government has some mistakes, the AL has also some mistakes. But relating to the previous BNP government AL’s fault is nothing. Not only infrastructural developments, AL has done a lot for women empowerment, education, social security, health sector and GDP growth.”
Mentioning Rohingya issue and other international issues, Sathi said “Sheikh Hasina has taken our country to a new height. She has the capability of handling every critical situation. I love her as a good leader, and believe that no other leader in Bangladesh can do development as she has done.”
Saif Imran, an MBA student of Chittagong University said, “People need development in every sector, in last 10 years we see that the AL government made a huge development in every sector.”
Replying to a question, he said, “Young voters will give support the AL in upcoming national election for their multifarious development works.”
Mahbub Hasan Srabon, a student of University of Dhaka said, “The AL has eradicated poverty from our country, our GDP is growing continuously and export earnings have also increased significantly during this government’s tenure. We need this government more for the betterment and development of the country.”