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It is unfortunate, and frustrating at the same time, that some world leaders do not want to take into cognizance the horrific fallout of climate change all over the world. From ice melting at alarming rate to miscarriages, all sorts of dreadful things are happening around the globe that the first world leaders do not want to hear or watch.
A research conducted on villages situated at the eastern coast of Bangladesh has recently revealed that there is a high rate of miscarriages among women in those areas. Through further investigation the team also found out that climate change may be the culprit behind this disturbingly increasing rate of miscarriages. Many parents who are willing to have children are not being able to do so.
Not only this, these villages also face a problem of salty, muddy lands who are gradually losing their fertility as most of them have been used up for shrimp farming or salt cultivating. As a result, there are few arable lands left. Scientists believe that all these are happening due to climate change.
We highly praise the team who carried out the research and shed light on this serious situation. The research findings should reach first world leaders like Donald Trump and others who take the climate change situation lightly.