Despite being a journalism graduate, what inspired you to be an actor?
Ferdous: I was never mentally prepared to work under a boss. As I was brought up in Cantonment, I was enthused by the hierarchy and chain of command in the military which compelled me to work independently. So it was this sense of independence which inspired me to be a journalist.
Since you came from a middle-class conservative family, what struggles did you face to achieve today’s position?
Ferdous: My father was a government superintendent education officer, and after retirement he served as the headmaster of Dhamalkot School. We grew up in an academic environment and I never thought that I would work in the media.
However, after HSC, suddenly I joined a flying club and decided to be a pilot. During that time I got an offer to work in a film as the hero. I asked my family for their consent and they opposed me harshly. I went to my father for his consent and he told me that if I have the confidence, I should try my hand in acting. Otherwise, he said that I had to complete my masters and do a job. But as soon as my second movie ‘Hothat Brishti’ released, everything changed. Those who initially opposed my decision started appreciating.
Share something about your upcoming film ‘Gangchil’.
Ferdous: The movie is based on the novel titled ‘Gangchil’ of Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader who wrote this novel during his days of imprisonment. The story blends patriotism and social responsibility in an idiosyncratic manner. I am very fortunate that Quader Bhai gave his consent to make a film on this novel. The shooting of the film will start soon and Purnima will be my co-artist in the film. The film will be released under the banner of Nujhat films and Naim Imtiaz Neamul will direct it. In ‘Gangchil’, I will be seen playing the role of a journalist and Purnima will be portraying the character of an NGO worker.
How was the response to your new movie ‘Megh Kanya’?
Ferdous: It received good appreciation but we unfortunately we could not promote the film properly before its release.
Tell us about your recent experience in joint venture films.
Ferdous: ‘Yeti Obhijaan’ is the last joint venture film I have acted in. Even though I did not play the lead role, it was a great experience working in this movie based on the novel of Sunil Ganguly. Srijit Mukherji was the director of the film, and working with him is always a great experience.
How would you evaluate the performance of our film industry in the global context?
Ferdous: Not good enough. There are good films like ‘Debi’, ‘Aynabaji’ and ‘Ek Cup Cha’ appearing in the scene but the number is very low. Also there is no competition for making good films.
What comforts you most — being an actor or a producer?
Ferdous: Definitely being an actor. I just produce my films and promote the hero Ferdous that I am.
What would be your message for newcomers?
Ferdous: Acting is a potential, and one must explore this before going for it. Looks and figures are minor issues for being an exceptional actor. Gone are the days when directors would build actors. These days, no one can make you an actor, it is your passion and potential that can make you a successful actor.