It is evident from the statement of Yousuf Bhatt in the court of law that Pakistan has been persistently conspiring against Bangladesh since its birth. It is the military intelligence wing, i.e. the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan, which has been resorting to different means to cause damage to independent Bangladesh, sometimes by encouraging the terrorists engaged by them or by helping internal ones. It is also evident that Pakistan embassy in Bangladesh has been discharging duty of an enemy camp as it was done during the war of liberation. The duty of a foreign embassy is to maintain bilateral relations and understanding between the two respective countries but Pakistan embassy in Bangladesh has been acting in a way always detrimental to the interest of Bangladesh.
This is the country for which some 30 lakh Bangalees had sacrificed their lives. And the Pakistan army did so in the name of protecting Islam. Almost all of those who were killed brutally were Muslims. The propaganda ‘To save Islam is to save Pakistan’ was a wrong notion borne mostly by Pakistanis and to some extent by so-called Bangalees. It became clear following the birth of Bangladesh.
The country where dozens of Muslims are killed in the mosque during Jummah Prayer could not be designated as an Islamic country. Verbally they are Muslims but in practice most of them are terrorists who have been unleashing reign of terror and resorting to killing innocent Muslims. If we speak about Islam they have divided it into so many sects destroying the unity that Islam stands for. In fact, Shia and Sunni and so many others sects have destroyed the sanctity and solemnity that is guaranteed by Islam.
Since the division of the subcontinent, Pakistan could not live peacefully even with its great neighbour India where the number of Muslims was bigger than that of Pakistan. At least for the sake of Muslims, Pakistan should have maintained better relations with India. It is a routine practice of Pakistan’s ISI to carry on sabotage at India-Pakistan border. If they bear any fellow feelings for the Muslims of India, Pakistan should have maintained good relations with that neighbouring country.
Even during 23 years of Pakistan as a Muslim country, the Muslims of East Pakistan were the majority, but the minority Muslims of the West dominated and suppressed the majority Muslims of East creating a ground for the separation of the two wings. The result was an armed struggle that did cause death of lakhs of people. If they could settle with Sheikh Mujib’s six point programs agreeing to frame a constitution based on six-point the entity of Pakistan would have been saved for certain period. Why Pakistan compelled to dismember Pakistan waging war against the Bangalees? If they were Muslims in reality and if they did have respect for majority Muslims of the East, they could not have started the war against the innocent and unarmed people of Bangladesh. None can blame Sheikh Mujib for doing away with Pakistan.
Bangladesh is now an independent country with a population of 16 crores, 85% of the population are Muslims. It is claimed that Pakistan is the champion of Muslim Ummah. If that is so why Pakistan is after the birth of Bangladesh has been persistently trying to malign Bangladesh.
Now the question is: If Pakistan with its present status could remain as free and independent country maintaining its territorial integrity. Bangladesh after separation from Pakistan has been able to consolidate its position in all sectors of development. It has built a sound economic base. Bangladesh is now a role model for development and many countries of the world are following it. No country has earned so much in so short time. It is because that Bangladesh could earn its independence bringing an end to the exploitation and suppression. The country is now passing through a glorious phase. It is because of the able leadership of Bangabandhu, the father of the nation who ruled the country for only three and half years and also due to the dynamic leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bangabandhu that the country has taken to a new height. Pakistan cannot tolerate this progress and glory. So it’s only duty is to inflict damage to Bangladesh in any way it could like. The hostility that Pakistan did demonstrate since the birth of Bangladesh is condemnable.
The statement given by Yousuf in the court goes to establish that almost all the terrorist groups under the direct patronage of ISI have reportedly been functioning in Bangladesh with different mission, especially during the regime of Bangabandhu and Sheikh Hasina. It was during the regime of General Zia and Begum Khaleda Zia and their cohorts Jamaat-e-Islam that the infiltrators get privilege for entry. It was that period that they established their network in Bangladesh to implement their aggressive design. There are lot of evidences that terrorists of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan had their easy access into Bangladesh during the regime of General Zia, Begum Zia and Jamaat. They are really the conniving force that gave passage to the terrorists providing money to the terrorists of both within and outside. They were engaged to carry on those fatal attacks just to make Bangladesh a failed state.
Bangabandhu could not be survived the onslaught but the Almighty Allah Sheikh Hasina just to fulfil the dreams of her great father and also to protect sovereignty. Many facts have been revealed in the case of 21 August grenade attack as several terrorists were caught through the timely act but in case of Bangabandhu the real killers could not be held as most of them fled away and remained outside the country for a long period. But the grenade attack of 21 August many connivers have been sorted out after a lot of thorough investigations. Our intelligent network being very competent and strong the accused could be properly identified and arrested and a proper a trial is being held over a long period of time. In both the cases of killing of Bangabandhu on 15 August 1975 and the grenade attack on 21 August 2004, most of the accused have been detected and lawful trial had been held punishing criminals as per the law of the land. The verdict is imminent and expectation of the people is going to be fulfilled i.e., the culprits duly be punished.
There has been an election held in Pakistan and Imran Khan became the prime minister of the country. He came from the cultural field. The people expect that he would take the right course. Already the civil society members of Pakistan demanded of building their country putting Bangladesh ahead as an example. It was Bangabandhu and her daughter Sheikh Hasina who led the country appropriately and reached the country to such a prestigious position.

Dr S A Malek is the former political adviser to the Prime Minister and Member of Parliament, General Secretary of Bangabandhu Parishad and a columnist