Anwar Hossain
Work on the construction of Padma bridge rail link is progressing in a rapid pace with the installation of rail slabs.
The slabs are being set up on the lower portion of five spans installed on pillar no 37 to 42 at Janjira point.
Seeking anonymity, a Padma bridge project official confirmed this to Bangladesh Post.
He said the rail slab installation has already started on the lower part of spans. “Till now more than 80 slabs have already been posted, over which railway tracks will be installed. And, the Padma rail link will be visible soon. The bridge has made overall 71 percent progress,” he added.
Meanwhile, the Padma bridge work is being hindered due to poor navigability in the river. Hence, they are continuing dredging work to make a way for the crane-carrying spans to the pillars, he maintained.
Project engineers said the last span they installed was in June this year. But at present eight new pillars are ready where new spans can be installed, but engineers are waiting because of navigability crisis.
Project officials hoped they will be able to install the sixth pillar at the beginning of January next year.
Padma Multipurpose Bridge project director Shafiqul Islam said, “We will try to install another span at the end of this month or beginning of next month.
It has known that there are 10 spans ready at the bridge yard but these cannot be installed as certain pillars for these spans yet to be constructed. On the other hand, eight pillars are ready but their spans yet to reach Mawa from China. Officials said if they can combine these work, it would be possible to install more than 10 spans within next few months. Thus, the bridge will be more visible by March next year, they hoped.
Mentionable, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Padma Bridge Rail Link project construction work on October 14 this year.
The project cost has estimated at almost Tk 35000 crore, of the total amount, Chinese government will provide Tk 24749 crore and Bangladesh government will give Tk 10240 crore. China Railway Group Ltd appointed by Chinese Government will implement the project.