Oporadhi now gets viral

Female shopaholics flocking to Dinajpur markets mainly for new brand

MA Salam, Dinajpur
Eid shopping has been accumulated, as the crowd is increasing in Dinajpur on the occasion of the Eid-ul-Fitr, one of the biggest religious festivals of the Muslim community. Buyers choose local and foreign dresses. Many of the buyers, particularly the girls and women, are choosing ‘Oporadhi’ dress, a new dress of new style. The ‘Oporadhi’ dress becomes popular for the popularity of crime song- ‘Oporadhi’.

Last years, ‘Pakhi’, ‘Kironmala’, ‘Baahubali’ and some other brands got viral among female shopaholics and virtually flooded the mainstream shopping malls in different areas of the country, including Dinajpur. But this year, the ‘Oporadhi’ dress dominated the markets of Dinajpur as it is at top of the list.

Visiting Bahadur Bazar Market and some other markets in Dinajpur on Friday, it was seen that huge crowd for ‘Oporadhi’ dress and others dresses on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Shopaholics are now crowding the shopping malls and makeshift footpath markets as the holy Eid-ul-Fitr is approaching.

The ‘Oporadhi’ dress was seen ruling the posh shopping malls compared to the traditional and locally-designed ones. Although the locally-designed items are adequate in posh and general markets, female buyers were seen more interested in collecting the new brand.
Jairin of Mission Road area said that Friday may be the last Friday in the Ramadan. For this, crowd was seen huge.

In the crowd, the traders were asked about sell, they replied ‘Good. Good’. Some traders said that the main attraction of the Eid shopping in Dinajour is that the girls are choosing the ‘Oporadhi’ dress. The dress grabbed the attention. One piece of the dress is sold between TK 3,000 and 7,000.

Journalist Subir Chakraborty Choton was seen in the market. He said that this year he never seen a crowd of Eid Bazar before in his life. The girls’ main attention at the Eid shopping is ‘Oporadhi’ dress as the new style has grabbed the market, he said.
The crowd was seen at Kanchari Bazar, Station Uttara Market, Abdur Rahim Super Market Bahadur Bazar, Rainbrow Jail Road, Lutferna Tower, Gulshan Market, Mardan Road, Maldahpatty, Charababu Bourseand Garib Market of Dinajpur.