Most of us start our day with the same routine, waking up, showering, eating breakfast, going to work, reading a book, watching a movie etc. What if one of these days you were no longer allowed to do these things? What if one day a restriction is put on your education or living or there is a higher authority which is going to decide where you should work and how, simply based on your ethnicity or race? The things that we take for granted are the things which many human beings don’t have access to or are not allowed to have.
When the UN General Assembly in Paris of 1948 announced the Declaration of Human Rights, the goal was to introduce the set of 30 Articles which would act as a universal standard to protect human rights around the world. From basic things like the right to live, no discrimination, no slavery, freedom of thought, food and shelter for all and to the last Article no one can take away our human rights, everything was designed keeping in mind that every nation, every state and every individual will recognize and abide by them.
The question that may arise is that after all these years, are we able to align our actions with the human rights declaration? If we look around, wars, genocides, political and social violence, modern day slavery are still very prominent. Women and minorities are discriminated, children are tortured and authorities have banned freedom of expression and the right to trial. Human rights are being violated very day in every possible way.
The world is ours, the people are ours and the very thing that bonds us is that we are all human beings, the most intelligent species on earth. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, who will? If we don’t show compassion, empathy and mercy towards one another, who will? On Human Rights Day, let us pledge allegiance to all things humane and all things right.