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For the first time in the country’s history, the Bangladesh team has won gold medal in the 59th International Mathematical Olympiad. This is also a win for the entire country and our children have shown that they are extremely capable to compete with the rest of the world. It can be hoped that with the guidance of parents and teachers, our students will continue to perform like this on global platforms and pave way for a brighter future for themselves as well as their country.
The winner of the Olympiad is Ahmed Jawad Chowdhury, a young student from Cantonment English School and College in Chittagong who scored 32 out of 42 for the Bangladesh team. Other five students from Bangladesh have also won honorable mentions. Bangladesh became 41st among 107 countries with their accumulation of one gold medal, three bronze medals and two honorable mentions. These talented individuals have made the entire country proud with their achievements.
Our young generation has always excelled in competitions abroad and Bangladeshi students are known for remarkable results across renowned educational institutions in the world. Bangladeshi students have enrolled into Harvard, MIT, Princeton and other prestigious schools and have successfully completed their programs. Recently, Wahid Ibn Reza, a Bangladeshi graduate of BUET, was in limelight because he is set to work as Sony Pictures Studios’ Associate Production Manager.
Therefore, careful supervision and nurturing measures, coupled with increased investment in the education sector, will ensure that our students perform well at home as well as abroad.