“Therefore, the nation can have smooth journey towards development with transparency due to the digitalization of the information world”

In Bangladesh, only a third of the population is believed to be active internet users. Noticing the growth of digitalization of the world, it can be said that Facebook and such social networking sites are going to become a significant platform of world information centre. And so, internet access to all even in remote areas of Bangladesh has become a prime concern. There are lands where people do not have internet access, for instance, deserts, mountains, and forests in many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, according to international media. Therefore, Google and Facebook are preparing for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites which is “solar-powered drones and helium-filled balloons” to provide internet access to such areas, says recent reports. It is true that information technologies have “democratized” and “decentralized” access to information, believes experts and scholars, which means everyone has the power at hand. So, in Bangladesh people have fallen victim to fake news circulating on the internet through FB and Google search engine. The time is not far when Bangladeshi remote areas will have internet access, and thereby communication would be at finger tips of all and sundry which might create chaos if effective measures are not taken early. So, it is high time for the authorities concerned to prepare effective plans which can make everyone access to internet as well as protect authenticity of news circulating through the social networking sites. There are plenty of ways to preserve authenticity. Firstly, online news portals should be brought under strict law so that any information they provide should have specific sources of the information. It is true that by then communication via social networking sites would be a carnival platform where without any hierarchy people can spread information from one corner to the other within seconds. In such a way, the power goes to the hands of the mass. Here comes the second point, it is high time to educate the mass on philosophy and cultural ethics which is the only way to generate conscious citizens. In order to execute such methods in grassroots level, government has to come up with determined drives to promote culture and ethics even in remote areas of the country which would form the sense of peace among citizens. Therefore, the nation can have smooth journey towards development with transparency due to the digitalization of the information world.