The law enforcing agencies deserve commendation for having busted yet another hideout of the militants at Mirersarai, Chattogram. Finding no escape route, as the building was surrounded by a unit of RAB, two militants committed suicide by exploding powerful bombs. The explosion has totally destroyed one part of the building and from this we may have some idea what damage such a bomb would have caused to a government office building had it been detonated there. Some media reported that the militants had plans to blow up Chattogram Court building to create a law and order situation before the upcoming general elections.
Intelligence agencies conjecture that there were some more men and women in the team of the militants but they probably had left the building before law enforcers had arrived on the scene.
What is important here to note is that the arms and ammunition recovered from the building in Mireswarai were similar to those recovered from inside Holey Artisan cafe in Dhaka in 2016 after the gruesome attack there. This leads intels to believe that the suppliers of arms and ammunition to both the groups are same.
It is being widely discussed in the country that various extremist groups will become desperate to attack selected targets with bombs and chemicals for maximum casualty before the verdict on August 21 grenade attack and holding of national elections in December this year. Already law enforcers have been successful in rounding up many field level operatives from different parts of the country as well as from the capital in last one year. What is required now is to apprehend the masterminds and their seconds in command in a bid to destroy the root.
It is obvious that the local field commanders are receiving money, jihadi books, instructions and other help from masterminds both at home and abroad to collect and train operatives who would carry out attacks on targets. Among the countries, the names of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc are mentioned in various discussions.
We believe besides bullet for bullet tactics, we should also launch massive detoxication courses so that those young men and women may unlearn the extremist theories and learn true religion and live their lives accordingly.