A labourer of state own oil depot Jamuna at Fatulla, just two yards north side of Fatulla model police station, became millionaire within 15 years by pilfering and selling of oil.
The millionaire labourer is now a much talked person as he made artificial popularity being a fan of Brazil football team during Russia world cup football-2018. Jamuna oil depot labourer Joynal Abedin Tutul came in light after colouring the six-storey house of flag color of Russia. The Brazil envoy visited Tutul’s house.
Tutul’s father is a man of Noakhali district and was a security guard of Jamuna oil depot. After his death, Tutul got the job as a labourer with Tk 55 daily on condition no work no pay and job was assigned to wash plate at the canteen of depot run.
Within short time, Tutul became an operator of the depot. Later he upgrades his job as grudger (measuring oil of ship) and he began earned huge amount money. At least his earning is one lakh even it cross one crore per month, sources claimed.
Oil stealing gang head Tutul constructed six storey building like palace and purchased valuable plots at Lalpur, Fatulla and adjacent areas.
Sources confirmed that Tutul’s ancestral house in Begumganj of Noakhali and he has 15 decimal land only there. His family was known a destitute family in the locality.
Tutul’s earning by stealing oil is too much that he got a loan from UCB bank 20 lakh taka for ten years payable but paid all amount within one year.
Oil smuggling gangs have been smuggling oil from this state-run oil depot Jamuna and Meghna for a long since. Once this pilfering activities was ran by Deloar Pradhan who is now man of crore and elected a municipality chairman. He has huge property including oil filling station and markets which all named Pradhan Tower, Pradhan markets etc.
A driver of this depot named Nuruddin widely known Nuru Secretary is now also man of crore stealing oil of these two depots. Riyad Mohammad Choudhury who is also an oil smuggler of these depot became man of crore.
People demanded steps to prevent oil stealing from the state-run depots.

Masumuzaman, Narayanganj