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Jatiya Oikyafront is still undecided on the issue of sending the two elected MPs to take oath and thereafter sit in parliament. Since they have rejected the election result the question remains as to why do they consider their two candidates as elected? In that case the question of sending them to parliament does not arise at all!
The immaturity of Oikyafront surfaced once again when Dr Kamal Hossain confessed that taking Jamaat on board in the last election was a mistake. How could a veteran politician like him have such a late realization? Is not politics all about guessing correctly the move of the opponent? Dr Kamal has become wise only after the damage has been done!
In a recent press conference he further said that he would exert pressure on BNP to leave Jamaat and start afresh. Whether BNP will do that, is a million dollar question. Political analysts are of the opinion that Dr Kamal should have taken these issues seriously before taking BNP on board before election. It is clear now that he failed to read the minds of the people of Bangladesh, who remain anti-Jamaat no matter what. Dr. Kamal should study the past election records of Jamaat in Bangladesh.
We may recall that he spoke quite arrogantly during his campaigns about the role of Jamaat in Bangladesh politics. He gave his silent consent to the inclusion of Jamaat candidates and their contesting with paddy sheaf symbol. But, today, he says that he had no idea that BNP would keep Jamaat under their wings and contest election with the same symbol. Why did he not protest this right-away and ask BNP to come without Jamaat? He confessed to the Indian daily ‘Indian Express’ on the eve of election that allowing Jamaat to come in tandem with BNP to Oikyafront was a mistake. Why did he not tell BNP that they have committed a breach of the contract? And that they have dishonored the covenant at the very outset?
Dr Kamal Hossain should now ask himself why did Dr. Badruddoza refuse to be in Oikyafront on the issue of Jamaat’s presence in it. Dr Badruddoza’s message was clear and short – No sharing the same room with Jamaat. He and his party members were vocal from the beginning on the question of Jamaat and did not try to hide it like Dr Kamal did. Why a senior and wise law practitioner like him failed to interpret that message?
Dr Badruddoza proved it that without BNP or without Dr Kamal Hossain, his small alliance also secured two seats in parliament. It was laudable achievement no doubt. Therefore, it must be said that Dr Badruddoza is a better strategist than Dr Kamal.

Today, many BNP workers and small leaders are asking the same question across the country. They believe that had BNP walked alone they would have won in many more seats. They also do not want to have Jamaat riding piggy back on BNP and thereby spoil their chance of coming out as a strong democratic party of the country.

Today, BNP is studying all possible options how to minimize the damage done to their image as a reliable political party. The leaders and workers at the grassroots are expressing their anger in every forum and blaming the central leaders for the debacle. They are criticizing their failure in assessing party strength, taking late decision to contest election, not selecting right candidates, taking huge amount of money from the nomination seekers, neglecting the grassroots workers and intercepting the strategy of Awami League. They are waiting to speak out openly and strongly in the executive committee meeting expected to be held in mid February. Analysts feel that the meeting will be quite a noisy one.