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Climate change is one of the most talked about current issues but it seems that before we can come up with sustainable policies to save our earth from its consequences, the extent of damage to our seas and oceans may already be widespread. A recent finding published on US journal Science, suggested that global warming had never really slowed down and the world’s oceans are heating up at a rate faster than what scientists had predicted.
Our human bodies usually maintain a basal temperature of 25 degree Celsius and when the body becomes too heated or too cold, we face different health problems. Similarly, the marine life also thrives at a certain temperature and any change in it, disrupts their survival. The oceans are heating up quickly and fishes, corals, seaweed are slowly dying. The thing with greenhouse gas emissions is that not only it is heating up the air, they are also raising the temperature of the oceans, something scientists had not previously thought of.
Videos of 28 dead whales washing up at shores in Australia had stirred up a storm in media and one of the causes may have been change in their habitat. According to Scientific American, oceans are “our planet’s thermometer” and so when the temperature of the water rises, it is an indication that the earth’s body is heating up due to climate change and our mother nature is riddled with problems created by us. In such a situation, it is crucial for world leaders to come together and decide on mutual grounds on combating climate change.