November 2, 2018
Host Institution
University of Warsaw
Target Group
International Student
Scholarship Description
The Faculty of Physics is offering Research Scholarship at University of Warsaw to study in Poland. The project aims at the development of methods for super resolved imaging of nanostructures with the use of hyperbolic met-materials and compressive imaging in the far field.
Field of Study
The Faculty of Physics is a large research and teaching center. It consists of The Institutes of Theoretical Physics, Experimental Physics, Geophysics, The Astronomical Observatory and The Department of Mathematical Methods in Physics.
Degree Level
Scholarship is available to pursue PhD research programme.
Number of Scholarships
One scholarship is available.
Scholarship Requirements
Good background on optics and good knowledge of programming are required. Well seen previous work on either electromagnetic modeling, or compressive sensing, or optical measurement techniques. The candidate has to be subscribed in Poland to PhD studies in physics, or may be preparing a master thesis in physics, nanostructure engineering or in a similar discipline, preferably with a short perspective to subscribe to PhD studies in physics.
Application Procedure
Application for the position required together with the acceptance for the treatment of personal data – the information clause and the consent clause attached to the announcement. In case of submitting the application by e-mail, please use the pdf-format and the file should contain a scanned signature. The acquired diploma (MSc or Bsc) and information about student’s career is required.

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