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Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia said the culture of non-maintaining of law at every stage of life is one of the main reasons for road accidents.
He made the remarks as the chief guest on Saturday while addressing a parliamentary debate titled ‘Driver’s Precaution to Prevent Road Accident’ organised by Debate for Democracy at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation auditorium in the capital.
Debate for Democracy organised the shadow parliament participated by students of Stamford University and Bangladesh University of Business and Technology. Stamford University as Government team and Bangladesh University of Business and Technology participated as Opposition team in the shadow parliament.
DMP commissioner said the road accident in Dhaka is a burning issue at this moment.
“We observed a ten-day traffic week after the student movement centring road accident in July last,” he noted.
“It is true that drivers have a role in preventing road accidents, but only the driver cannot prevent road accidents,” he said.
He added that the passenger-pedestrian awareness and physical structure of roads are a big issue in road accidents. The location where Tareque Masud and Mishuk Munir faced an accident was one of the top accident prone areas. Due to the turning point in the road, the vehicles on the other side could not be seen.

“Later, the road was made straight, resulting in a decrease in accidents by 95 per cent in the area. From that incident, it was understood that only the drivers were not responsible for the accident at that place, the road engineering was also responsible for it”, he added.
Asaduzzaman Mia said the highways of our country are generally called regional roads. On the same road, vehicles with a speed of over 80 kilometers and those of 5 kilometers move at the same time. This is also a reason why accidents take place on highways.
But, driver’s unconsciousness, stupidity and inefficiency too are responsible for accidents whereas overtaking tendency also plays a major role. Yet, there are no institutions in the country to develop the skills of drivers. Nor have they been provided with enough licenses, which is unfortunate, the Commissioner added.
In the debate, the government team emphasised the driver’s awareness about road accidents and raised a bill in this regard. On the other hand, the opposition team said it is not possible to completely stop road accidents by raising awareness only among the drivers.
After the debate of the two parties, the judges declared the opposition party [Bangladesh University of Business and Technology] winner of the debate.