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There was a definite ‘battle of the tones’ at the seal-the-deal Brexit summit with Theresa May, report agencies.
EU leaders were determinedly sombre, while the UK prime minister had to sound upbeat and positive about her country’s Brussels-free future.
It shouldn’t be under-estimated. Sunday was a huge day for the EU, signing off on the divorce papers of a departing key member state for the first time in the history of the bloc.
In the eyes of many, Brexit counts as an EU failure. The French President Emmanuel Macron reminded the press of the fragility of European Union. Which is why, time and again, EU leaders in Brussels continue to make so much of the (unusual) show of unity the Brexit process has provoked in EU ranks.
For now, of course, all European eyes turn to the UK to see if the hard-negotiated Brexit deal passes through the House of Commons.