Staff Correspondent

Around 275 billion cubic feet of gas can be extracted from an abandoned well of Shahjibazar gas field in Habiganj.
Initially, Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Limited (Bapex) said there are around 275bcf of gas reserves. The gas will be extracted soon and it will be supplied to the national grid.
BAPEX managing director Ruhul Islam said that they found the reserves on Tuesday after working for two months.
He said that in 1963, gas supply started from Shahjibazar gas field in one number of wells. In 2012, it stopped when the water started to move instead of gas from the well. Later, Bapex took initiatives to start “work-over” work in Shahjibazar and Sylhet’s Kailashtila gas fields in search of new gas reserves.
He said, two months ago, the work started in abandoned well of Shahjibazar gas field. BAPEX confirmed that there are 275bcf of reserves in the well.
“From here, 25cft gas can be supplied to the national grid every day. At this moment, gas can be supplied from the gas well. ”
“We have to check whether the previous transmission line is accurate. After this, the gas will be lift from the well and it will be supplied to the national gas grid”, he added.