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With Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina issuing a note of caution that new ministers would be kept under strict surveillance, cabinet members have sent a message to government officials and staff that none involved in corruption would be spared.
The new cabinet members have already expressed firm determination to free every sector of corruption and all sorts of irregularities.
In this regard, they also expressed gratitude to Sheikh Hasina as she has faith in her new cabinet members and trusts them.
As the Prime Minister trusted them and included them in her new cabinet, they will remain rigid in order to carry out her orders in the greater interest of the nation and its people.
She has given responsibility to the new generation to see how they can perform, and wants to leave by creating a future leadership. So, there will no compromise with corruption and irregularities, the new cabinet members said.
Soon after assuming their offices, the cabinet members have asked all government officials and employees to refrain from engaging in any sort of corruption.
If any official or employee is found guilty in connection with underhand dealings, stern action will be taken against them immediately.
As the new cabinet members firmly believe that they will be transparent and accountable at their respective ministries, the officials and employees will also work with dedication and sincerity.
“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s message was sent to the government officials and employees soon after her taking charge of the new government,” a highly placed source in the Cabinet Division said.
The cabinet members have already talked on the issue, especially on how to root out corruption, and termed the task a big challenge.
Among their recognitions are establishing good governance in the ministry, giving priority to public works, dealing with violence with an iron hand, making land management corruption-free , finding new labor markets, introducing new economic diplomacy, using region-based commercial possibilities, ensuring quality education, establishing transparency in public administration, and stern action against upstart online media and others.
Road and Bridges Division: Minister Obaidul Quader said, it will take time to crackdown on corruption and drugs. The government is sincere about this.
He said, we are not in the culture of triviality. Whatever the crime, judgment will be done. The government will be more cautious towards good governance.
Agriculture ministry: Minister Dr Md Abdur Razzak on his first day at the ministry said, the big challenge is to make the argi profitable, ensure safe and nutritious food, and with this, the prime minister’s vision will be established.
Home Ministry: Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said, in the name of democratic movement, no one will be allowed create anarchy, they will be checked with iron hands.
Information ministry: Minister Hasan Mahmud promised to implement his vow to stop ‘shady’ online news outlets from spreading fake news.
“There’re a lot of upstart online news portals now. At times, they publish wrong news, assassinating character,” he told reporters on the first day of taking charge of the Information Ministry.
Local Government: Minister Md Tajul Islam said, to turn every village into a city, transparency, accountability, quality and targets will be ensured.
He said adding, “We have a large population. If we can transform it into human resources, we can make the country the ‘Golden Bengal’ as envisioned by Bangabandhu, before 2041”.
Education Ministry: The first ever female education minister Dr Dipu Moni said “Education is an important sector and as a minister I will work sincerely in maintaining the policy and objectives of the government”.
Deputy minister Nowfel said, it’s not power, but responsibility. They will be committed towards their promise.
In a separate programme primary and mass education minister Md Zakir Hossain expressed willingness to make the ministry modern and efficient by preventing corruption and closing loopholes.

He also said, initiatives will be taken through discussions with the prime minister to resolve the salary issues of primary school teachers.
Foreign Affairs Ministry: Newly appointed foreign affairs minister Dr AK Abdul Momen said “We need active collaboration and partnership. We need support from all. We need active initiatives. We need cooperation from friendly countries, too”.
State minister Shahriar Alam said, now foreigners believe us, we have to work to make it stronger.
Textiles and Jute Ministry: Minister Golam Dastagir Gazi expressed his willingness to create scopes for the young generation who are looking forward to them.
Civil Aviation and Tourism ministry: Newly appointed state minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism ministry urged everyone to work with honesty and integrity to flourish the tourism industry of Bangladesh.
Health Ministry: Health minister said, cancer and kidney disease will get highest importance for treatment.
Food Ministry: Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder said that his ministry would show zero tolerance to corruption and not compromise on the issue like price of rice and paddy hike.
Post and telecommunication ministry: Minister Mustafa Jabbar said “We have to achieve all the targets of the government within this tenure. We have the responsibility of turning the whole country and the government digital”.
Railway Ministry: Minister Nurul Islam Sujan said, he will take necessary steps to make the service corruption-free, in line with the government’s zero tolerance policy towards corruption.
Other ministers like housing and public works, environment, forest and climate change ministry, land, expatriate welfare power, public administration, water resources, culture and religion echoed the same commitments and determination to carry out their duties as per Awami League’s electoral manifesto.