The town of Netrakona has become a town of battery run auto-rickshaws and thus causing sufferings to the people and also the main cause of traffic jam in different roads of the town regularly.

More than 5000 battery run auto-rickshaws are roaming around the town with most of the drivers coming from different rural areas and different district without any proper training or legitimate driving license. They have little knowledge of traffic rules and regulations causing accidents with random casualties and serious injuries. Majority of these drivers are unemployed, and with no alternative source of work they tend to become drivers for these auto-rickshaws. They crowd to Netrakona from different areas and district for earning livelihood.

The battery run auto-rickshaws are the main cause for creating traffic jam regularly in different roads mainly from Machua Bazaar to Judge Court, Machua Bazaar to Station Road, Teribazaar to Barhatta Road and Shahid Minar to Malni Road causing sufferings to all. The school and college going students and office going employees are facing serious difficulties as they do not reach their respective workplaces in due time for traffic jam.

Traffic constables on duty regularly charge them for illegal stoppages in here and there or in different roadsides.

The government has been deprived of a huge amount of revenue from battery run auto-rickshaws due to lack of system.

Abdul Hannan Ranjan, Netrakona