Badhan Sarkar

Mi Thai opened its doors on January 2017 at the 4th floor of Police Plaza Concord, Gulshan-1 with a view to delivering authentic Thai cuisine. Owner Alif Hasan has made it a priority to serve the finest quality Thai food in a relaxed, inviting environment.

This fine dining Thai restaurant has a relaxing and casual atmosphere where authentic Thai cuisine and drinks are combined with a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Very upscale and posh interiors with contemporary funky music, the place is aesthetically vibrant. The décor is exquisite and as soon as you enter, you feel as if you’ve come to a trip to Bangkok or Pattaya. Dominated with wood, Thai style minimalist interiors make it feel like a restaurant you can come to with a special friend or for an anniversary celebration.
The service is exemplary and the staff always goes out of their way to make you feel cherished and pampered. Half of the restaurant consists of the seating area and the other half is a huge kitchen. At the very entrance you will be able to see their kitchen working in full swing.
Mi Thai promises to serve world famous authentic Thai cuisines originated from the streets of Bangkok, made fresh in their live kitchen right in front of the customers.
For those of us who enjoy spicy food, there are few that can rival the satisfaction of Thai cuisine. The restaurant’s food is a blend of inspiration from Thai street foods to high end Thai restaurant foods. Alif said, “Me and our chef, we both keep adding new quirky Thai dishes to our menu so that customers never get bored from eating the same kind of dishes.”
“We try to satisfy the palette of Thai food enthusiasts as well as people who are trying Thai food for the first time. At our restaurant, newcomers are never disappointed and we have customers who keep coming back”, he added.
Thai food is formed from five distinct flavors i.e sweet, sour, salty, spicy and umami. Along with bringing out the best combinations from all these flavors, Mi Thai also focuses on incorporating lighter flavors and elegant creative twists to their cooking.
To start off your meal, you can order Prawn Toast (BDT 275/475) or their premium Whole Grilled Squid (BDT 425).
For the gym lovers, Mi Thai is offering a variety of salads like basic Papaya Salad (BDT 300) to Thai Seafood Salad (BDT 495). The light and healthy salads are made with shredded green papaya, tomatoes, beef, chicken, shrimps, peanut, garlic and fish sauce, etc.
You can also go with a variety of hot steamy soups. The restaurant offers the very authentic Thai Tom Yum Soup to Thai Wonton Soup and also Rice Noodles Soup. The price for all the options mentioned dop not go beyond BDT 300 (exclusive of VAT).
The mains include many favorite Thai dishes such as Holy Basil Chicken/Beef/Squid and Seafood (BDT 450) which are served with a portion of steamed rice and a sunny side up. Other mention worthy cuisines includes 3 Set Menus (A, B, C) from where people can opt for rice/noodles, chicken and vegetable. The price for the set menus is BDT 500. They also serve absolutely delicious and interesting dishes such as Pad Thai Chicken/ Beef/ Fish/ Shrimp/ Mixed (BDT 425 – 475).
One of their best seller Thai Whole Fish is such a stunner. Whole Koral fish cooked in authentic Thai garlic and ginger flavor is just drool worthy. Can be shared among 4 people. Costs BDT 1199.
And if you are in mood for a celebratory feast with your loved ones, try their Special Grilled King Prawns (BDT 850).
While most of the food offers astounding and diverse tastes and experiences, Mi Thai also make sure that these dishes will suit the different taste buds. They try to do so my adding various kinds of Thai spices to their cuisine.
All in one, Mi Thai is a good place for comfy friendly Thai meals. Cost for two will be approximately BDT 2400. So, take a Thai break this winter at Mi Thai!
Photo: Shadman Muhtasim Chowdhury