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Initiatives taken at grassroots level to
revive cultural activities

The present government is working to develop the cultural sector of the country by building cultural institutes and Shilpakala Academies in every district. In a recent interview with Bangladesh Post, Cultural Affairs Minister Asaduzzaman Noor said that the government wants to ensure that everyone at the grassroots level has access to practice and perform various cultural activities.
According to the Minister, the government has taken steps to build cultural complexes in Upazilas with theatre, rehearsal room, stage, and green room facilities along with auditoriums and public library. These steps will ensure infrastructural development for cultural progress throughout the nation.
Projects such as district library conservation and restoring 15 District Shilpakala Academies and many more are going on and their implementation will lead to a sea of changes in the country’s cultural sector. The government has always been supportive of cultural development and these new initiatives will further enhance it.
There are some misconstrued concepts in our society that good students should end up with scholarly careers only but according to experts, students need to be exposed to cultural activities from early on for their development. The cultural development will help our students grow with more empathy and a broader mindset.
These praiseworthy initiatives will also help the mass to develop their cultural side and therefore increase their engagement in cultural movements.