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Trade between Myanmar and the United States totaled over 455.7 million U.S. dollars in the six-month mini-budget or transitional period from April to September this year, according to the Commerce Ministry Saturday. The country has changed its fiscal year period from original April-March to Oct.-September beginning 2018-2019, producing a six-month transitional gap, agency reports.
The country’s export to the United States reached 293 million U.S. dollars
while its import amounted to around 163 million U.S. dollars during the
The country mainly exports agricultural products — rice and pulses,
fisheries and forestry products as well as garments produced on a cut-make-
pack basis and finished industrial goods to the United States while
industrial equipment, raw materials and other commodities are imported into
the country.
During the six-month mini-budget period, 55.9 million U.S. dollars’
investment from one U.S.-listed enterprise entered the country, the official
Global New Light of Myanmar reported.
The total trade between Myanmar and the United States amounted to over
718.3 million U.S. dollars in last FY 2017-2018.