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With the aim to protect and promote the heritage and glory of indigenous handicrafts or patronize local small scale industries, the ‘Muzikraft Bangladesh’ a private sector initiative, organises a daylong exhibition today (Friday) in the capital.
‘Muzikraft Bangladesh’ on Thursday organised a press conference at the National Press Club in this reagrd, announcing the programme details for the media.
Addressing the press conference, Lori A. Walsh Imdad, executive director and owner of the ‘Muzikraft Bangladesh’ said the thriving handicraft and indigenous craft industry is diminishing in the recent days since the incident of militant attack at the ‘Holey Artisan’ Gulshan in Dhaka.
She said the government has imposed high tax on imports, however, Pakistani and Indian products are coming in Bangladesh through black marketing which is not under taxation.
Lori demanded punishment of the players behind the illegal import of craft items when they display at any outlets here.
She said they have organised a daylong exhibition of locally produced handicrafts and garments products styled ‘Native Artistry’ at the ‘Platinum Grand Hotel’, road no. 11 Banani.
A total of 31 stalls and pavilions of indigenous craft industries would take place in the exhibition which will include leather goods, jute goods, Jamdani etc.
Leading brands like ‘Manas’, ‘Adi’, ‘Permina’, ‘Chaity Shilpo’, ‘Banglar Hat’, ‘Mimossa’ will take part in the exhibition.
“I am promoting Bangladeshi products to the expatriate community at the American Club without a profit for over 3 years. Products ‘Made in Bangladesh’ are equally standard and better designed as like the imported items so why not to use the locally manufactured products”, she inquired.
She urged the authorities concerned to help the small business entrepreneurs, saying that this will help the economy of Bangladesh and will enhance the branding titled ‘Made in Bangladesh’.
“From Handicrafts to Jewelry, Western and Deshi Wearables, Homewares to Art -.we try to include every variety so that our visitors never leave empty-handed. Our goal is simple – to provide opportunities for these organizations who are providing employment to women in rural villages”, Lori added.
She further said over the years, products made in Bangladesh have become diverse, modern, different, stylish and quintessentially, of high quality. Many of them are of export quality although they are being sold here in Bangladesh only. Muzikraft Bangladesh makes available what is beautiful and artisan products from every category.