Jamalpur Correspondent
Jatiya Party (JP) convener Mostafa Al Mahmud has been nominated to vie for the upcoming 11th national polls from Jamalpur-2 (Islampur) constituency. Keeping himself involved in various social activities, Mustafa Al Mahmood has been working for the benefit of Islampur people for a long time. At present he is carrying out widespread campaign in the locality, holding an election rally and going from door to door seeking vote. A number of his activists claimed to Bangladesh Post that his popularity among the people is quite enchanting. He has been working for a long time in the welfare of the people of Islampur, they said.
Mostafa Al Mahmud established Solar Mini Grid power plant at remote Monnya Char in Islampur which would benefit the 20 thousand people living under the constituency.
Locals said he created employments for the unemployed youths of the locality. Mostafa is working for the development of the life of poor people of Islampur upazila. Being profited by his initiative, a vast char area is now enjoying electricity.
Asked about the popularity of Mustafa All Mahmud, Joint Convenor of Islampur Jatiya Party of Jamalpur, Anwar Hossain said Mostafa Al Mahmud is a candid and truthful leader. He is a devout leader and a politician. He always maintain active contact with the people.