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A young fan took Bangladesh wicket-keeper Mushfiqur Rahim by surprise as he managed to break through the security barriers to get a close glimpse of his cricketing hero on the opening day of the first match of a two-Test series against Zimbabwe at Sylhet.
The incident took place after the 48th over as a child ran onto the field, escaping the attention of security personals and hugged Mushfiqur Rahim from behind. The former skipper, unaware of what was happening as the child came up to him, wore a look of surprise on his face, startled by this occurrence.
Once he turned around, he became aware that it was a young fan that was hugging him.
Mushfiqur, instructed the security personals to properly escort the child away when the security people were aware that an intruder has entered the pitch. They went up to the duo to escort the child back.
Bangladesh players enjoyed the incident while the child was later seen near the boundary watching the proceedings intently from the sidelines, perhaps feeling content having met one of his cricket heroes.